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Welcome to Dorota and Jerome’s Diary.

April 13, 2010

Where to begin…how about I tore my office apart looking for this one super cute of picture of me and Jerome. According to Jerome I have great cleavage in this picture, which is a bit of a suspect statement as I don’t believe I have great cleavage ever, but hey, never argue yourself out of a compliment.

I didn’t find that picture. I found this one instead. It’s circa 2002, Montreal, Quebec; a place where so many great memories reside…

But I digress, and that’s OK, because this is now the official site of mine and Jerome’s diary, and I ALWAYS digress when writing in a diary. So what are we doing? What is this diary all about? Well…it’s been five years since we collaborated on The Dentist and the Toothfairy. And that book was never meant to end. It was meant to go on, it was meant to be a series of books.  

In case you don’t recall the ending went something like this:

The Dentist’s wife wandered the farmer’s market singing softly to herself. Drawn to the sweet aroma of amaryllis, she paused to buy a bouquet for her husband’s office. As she drank in the flowers’ potent fragrance, she was overcome with the unsettling feeling of being watched. She glanced around for the source of her unease.

Lila hid behind the fine scarves she was considering for her next tryst. The rare and exquisite beauty she had spotted earlier was now looking her way. She was even more enchanting in full view.

Enraptured, Lila watched the object of her ardor roam the market until her mind was saturated with desire and the sun’s rays burned the earth from the crest of the sky.

Finally Lila approached her infatuation.

And there’s more, but I just realized that would be giving the ending away and maybe that’s not the best idea… The point is, at the end of The Dentist and the Toothfairy, we’re introduced to Lila, wearing hard, steel-plated boots adorned with chilling weapons of self-defense. And that is really the beginning of the next book in the Dark Love series: Lila.   

So this diary. It is meant to do two things: 1) Give you, the reader, the follower of our adventure a peek into the often neurotic mind of the artist as we work towards completing this second book, and 2) Provide me and Jerome a place to share our thoughts and vent our frustrations and exclaim tidings of joy, and create a tempo for finishing this project. Sometimes you need the process to come alive and serve as motivation for delivering the final product. And the final product could be many different and wonderful things. Stay tuned.  

p.s. Jerome, if you have the picture I am talking about, let me know:)

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