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April 15, 2010

In response to your P.S request, i did not have to drag the 5 year old to my place after all. I now have the application of posting other things besides texts. So here is this picture of the infamous cleavage.

I completely forgot about the day we took pictures of your sister! You have such good memory. I may still have these pictures somewhere on the very few disc i salvaged from the fire. You know, she would be the perfect Lila! I can’t beleive she would be pissed at you for posting the pic. She is after all a knock-out and i think she would enjoy being called a beautiful creature. (Well she is)

Yep Lila would have to be on the Gothic side, a sexy dangerous babe. My friend Rissa is an incredible photographer and we already spoke in collaborating together in finding the perfect Lila. Well now that the project is developing, i will get in touch with her and see. Rissa already sent me some inspiration photos she had taken of one of her model and my firend Robert transfered the photo onto a canvas. This process is very new to me but when applying the acrylic and ink overtop of it, i think that the results will turn out quite nicely. But i need to get a proof test and see the results first. This pic transfer has been pinned to my upcoming project wall in my studio since last august, now it is time to get started. Perhaps i will get a head start on monday on my day off and send a photo and see if your like this art direction. I could on the weekend but i have 2 really heavy parties to go to(i am 40, up until 2.00 am will kill me for 2 days ah!) and sunday i am helping some friends paint their new apartment…So yeah monday.

WTF your getting on the third book now! Can you slow down a bit man! hee hee… Christmas cowboy…hummm…Very interesting. And NO you have not told me anything about this yet. OK, i think that would be quite appropriate with our Western background won’t it? 🙂

Well that’s it for now…More later!

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