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Drinking Vodka in Vegas.

May 26, 2010

Jerome! I am alive and I love Lila! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your first voicemail last week. I was in Edmonton working on you-know-who’s sugar sculpture book. And now, I’m in Vegas celebrating hubbie’s b-day.

Lila is, of course, different than I imagined. But this is one of my favorite parts of working with you. I never know how you will interpret my words and thoughts, but I am never disappointed. I especially looooovvvveeee the whips in her hair:) I can’t believe you can make such bitchin’ art in a day.

I’m going to keep this short, because hubbie’s waking up from his nap, and we’re off to the Foundation room for dinner tonight, and I have to finish blow-drying my underwear (long story). But… as I mentioned on the phone to you just minutes ago, Lila is a little girl for the first part of the story. As you said, there are a lot of ways we can handle this, but I really love your idea of getting pics from our Lila model from when she was a kid; age 10 or 11 would be perfect.

Is this possible?

Can’t wait to get you the story! xoxoxooxoxox, D:)

Playing hair dresser

May 25, 2010

I had an extra day off this week, long week-end Victoria day. I love when these happens, gives me an extra day to work on stuff stuff, practice new techniques etc.

So yesterday i decided to invent-create what Lila’s hair may look like. I’ve always like the idea of Whip hair. My first idea was to make the whole hair made of whips but thought it would not be clear enough on drawing. So i sort of had whips anchored to her forehead brushing back.

I made this one in watercolor and ink (instead of acrylics which is my medium of choice) i though with watercolor, it gives more of a fluid look. In time, when the photographs transferred onto canvas will be in my hands, it may turn out to be slightly different, but the main idea of the whips appeals to me. (yeh this one is not a tranferer, it is entriely painted)

What do you think?

Gosh…What a couple of weeks

May 12, 2010

Sorry readers, i have been out of the loop for the past weeks because… 

A- I had a collaborative piece that i worked on with artist Marie-Josee Roy for a a show at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters. The opening night was last wednesday and it went very well. Our piece sold too!

B- I worked on the Oldbury band new album cover as well as re-working their logo. It was so much fun to do. One thing i love about this band is that we have such a great understanding and laid back collaboration. No fuss, no art snobism… Just plain creation. I dig their style (and music too!) and they come up with ideas that i draw that are very much along my drawing board and ideologies. So we rock and jive. Love working with them!

C- Also finished creating some 3D art (chandeliers and lamps) And getting ready for a photoshoot of them.

D- Slowly working on new pieces for a group show in Montreal for July. I am doing watercolor…WTF can you believe it?… WATERCOLOR…!!!!! Yeah but they will be -a la Jerome-…New techniques… So far looking very nice with good ol’ Jerome twisted stuff. Nothing better then a dead body with machines in watercolor…Dunno… it give some zest:-)

And E- But not the least- Getting Lila created! Which is getting there!

About the progresses of Lila, Rissa introduced me to Sara, a friend of hers. Rissa sent me some shots of Sara a little while back and since i have been looking at those pictures and started to mold Lila around her. At first Rissa told me that Sara is a little older than what Lila would be i real (written) life, so i waited for the pics.

To give you readers a little bit of the backgroung of such difficult casting, some of the girls that Rissa told me about and sent me pics of would have been perfect for the look of Lila (goth style with the whole make-up dark feature, severe expression, dramatic etc) But when i turned around and started to think about my artistic approaches and techniques i am planning on creating Lila, i realized that my challenge was not there entirely. These girls sure are knock outs and georgous but they are pretty much done… Meaning that i do not have a lot of room to create. Girls, you are beautiful, why would i want to re-create you?

Sara is different in a good way, in all honestly i was not sure at first but then the more i look at her pics, the more ideas i received, she challenges me in a creative sense. First, Rissa wrote me saying that Sara has blond hair, respecting Lila’s futur look i would of thought NO and i would have said- i need darker hair, flat and ironed-. Funny how hair can be important even it’s color! 

But then i realized that if i were to draw upon her , blond Hair works at my advantage to create a much more elaborate drawn hairstyle, with blond hair i could draw filligrees upon each strand of hair with lots of details. Just to imagine how much i could do darkening up her hair with details gives me goosbumps. I think that this what i needed. To open my mind and work upon someone to create a character versus enhancing someome too close to the character. Lila should be artistic and inventive. Sara, somehow gived me more options to experiment. Hard to explain right now in this ealry of a stage but i guess i needed a model that i would leave me more room to create. Sara gives me this so far. And i feel more comfortable to go crazy on her face and body because Sara gives me more room.

 And she has a face of an angel, great features that i can definately work upon, flexible, and a great smile.

The best is someone said to me once…When somebody smiles so well, their dramatic expression”s switch can be just as drastic and surprising (translating a french quote here…) Meaning, that someone that can have such a happy expression can do the opposite in a flash versus someone that has sad expresssion and try to smile (do i make sense?)

Next is to get Sara’s pics transferred onto canvas (once Rissa does the shoot), i have 2 contacts in the city that can do an awesome job. I think i will illustrate the Lila book onto canvas like it was was a painting with photographic transfer… I feel comfortable with the medium so why not?

So yeah, this is where i am so far.

My dear and beloved Dorota…Glad you are out of the writer’s block! Call me this week-end, or i will call you, would love to know Lila’s wereabouts (ah and yes gossiping about stuff too)

Rissa-I tried to phone you between a thousand things but your phone answering system has not been set up yet. Mind you… Your husband is staying with us for the next few days, i am sure to talk to you then!

Sara- Looking foward to this futur collaboration! Muse!


Oh and lastly here’s a pic unrealted to Lila but a fun one, it was taken a friend of ours first vernissage last week (Shannon Myers), Thought that i would put her on the spot, great photographer and a bright futur ahead!

Eff Me I Have Writer’s Block.

April 27, 2010

There I am. Day 1 of getting back into writing Lila. Pretty excited when I started, but about ten minutes after taking this picture, it started going downhill. 

I was in my office, and immediately felt it wasn’t going to work. Surroundings are very important to me when I write. I have to be in the right place. So I unplugged my laptop from it’s office lifelines and walked into the living room.

I sat down on the couch, and started looking at the Word files I had created for Lila in 2005, 2006, and 2008. Fuck me, had it really been that long? Apparently yes, which was kind of a burn, because seriously I am writing basically a short story, not a novel, or even novella…why didn’t I finish this in 2005, 2006, or 2008? Beating myself up instead of writing. Typical.

Ten minutes after that I felt extremely tired. I had to nap. If I have to nap, it means I’m really tired, because really, I never nap. Or I’m avoiding writing.

I woke up cold. Apparently the jacket I pulled over myself while napping wasn’t enough. I got up, grabbed the “fetus” blanket, which is the most amazing $200 I’ve ever spent in my life and wrapped it around myself. It’s this soft, warm, grey blanket so comforting it feels like you’re back in the womb, or what I envision being in a womb must feel like. Safe. No writing.

I walked into the kitchen and tried to decide what I should…drink. You see today is also the first day of my seven-day juice fast. So, no eating. Just drinking. Juice. Maybe this is why I have writer’s block. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to write while juice fasting. I also kinda cheated and dipped a baby spoon into the honey jar, and let the honey melt on my tongue. I’m NOT supposed to have honey on my juice fast. Just juice. And tea. And vegetable broth. So I feel kinda bad about the honey.

I made tea. Some bizarre herbal tea from Poland with pear extract and some herb I can’t pronounce, but maybe the herb wasn’t good for my writer’s block…and I added lemon juice, and honey. I’m NOT supposed to have honey on my juice fast. Fuck.

And then to distract myself further I decided to Skype with my parents, which didn’t go well, because they just bitched about my sister, and about how I need to fly out to Toronto and talk some sense into her. Yet, they won’t pay for my plane ticket and a hotel room. Even though, hello! I have a life and clients, and need to work and write, and really can’t take the time off right now, or afford to take the time off right now. And really, why should I be paying for something THEY want me to do. Not that I don’t want to hang with my sis…

So another really great distraction for writer’s block is writing a blog about my writer’s blog. Yup…kinda a cop out. But whatever, it’s where I’m at.

It is working!

April 15, 2010

In response to your P.S request, i did not have to drag the 5 year old to my place after all. I now have the application of posting other things besides texts. So here is this picture of the infamous cleavage.

I completely forgot about the day we took pictures of your sister! You have such good memory. I may still have these pictures somewhere on the very few disc i salvaged from the fire. You know, she would be the perfect Lila! I can’t beleive she would be pissed at you for posting the pic. She is after all a knock-out and i think she would enjoy being called a beautiful creature. (Well she is)

Yep Lila would have to be on the Gothic side, a sexy dangerous babe. My friend Rissa is an incredible photographer and we already spoke in collaborating together in finding the perfect Lila. Well now that the project is developing, i will get in touch with her and see. Rissa already sent me some inspiration photos she had taken of one of her model and my firend Robert transfered the photo onto a canvas. This process is very new to me but when applying the acrylic and ink overtop of it, i think that the results will turn out quite nicely. But i need to get a proof test and see the results first. This pic transfer has been pinned to my upcoming project wall in my studio since last august, now it is time to get started. Perhaps i will get a head start on monday on my day off and send a photo and see if your like this art direction. I could on the weekend but i have 2 really heavy parties to go to(i am 40, up until 2.00 am will kill me for 2 days ah!) and sunday i am helping some friends paint their new apartment…So yeah monday.

WTF your getting on the third book now! Can you slow down a bit man! hee hee… Christmas cowboy…hummm…Very interesting. And NO you have not told me anything about this yet. OK, i think that would be quite appropriate with our Western background won’t it? 🙂

Well that’s it for now…More later!


April 15, 2010
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All this discussion about Lila and we didn’t put in the only clue we have so far about what she looks like…This was one of the last images in The Dentist and The Toothfairy.

When I started writing those last few paragraphs of The Dentist and the Toothfairy I remember visualizing Lila as a goth girl–yet slight and feminine. Kind of like my sister… I’m sorry Jerome, I don’t want to start influencing your creative flow about what Lila is going to look like. But it’s how she still lives in my head.

And holy crap did I just have a flashback. Remember when you were still living in Calgary and I came to visit and my sister was there too, and we were trying to get her to take some pictures for Lila, and she was freaking out about it? She either didn’t want to be the muse for our book, or she secretly doesn’t like us. Maybe she feels we’re not cool enough to be associated with her. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to be associated with Lila–because she doesn’t think it’s going to be “cool” enough. Or maybe she doesn’t want the attention it will bring her when Lila becomes this international cult classic sought after by all the “cool” kids.


Do you think she’ll be pissed when she sees I posted this pic of her?

And by the way, the other day, I thought of a great ending and segway into the third book. Have I talked to you about that yet? It’s called: Christmas Cowboy. Here’s what’s crazy. I already have the third book written. I don’t know how the hell that happened, but obviously I didn’t plan all of this well, or maybe I did. Things happen the way they are supposed to happen.

p.s. I WANT THE SUPPOSEDLY GREAT CLEAVAGE SHOT PIC!!!! Call the five year old, and figure out how to post it. Or better yet, CALL ME! Or I guess I could try emailing you instructions…

Jerome diary no.1

April 15, 2010

Well here we are, Dorota and I sharing the same Blog. Even though we have been updating each other’s work over the telephone, via e-mails and our meet-ups in Montreal for the past years since The Dentist and the Toothfairy, Dorota came in with this idea of publically sharing a blog about the development of our up-coming adventure, Lila.

I thought this it was a fantastic idea! However, I am not a very good writer (that’s her forte) and besides, English is my second language (French being my birth one) Soooo…. Bare with me with some spelling errors and cope with some backwards written moments 🙂 Anyways…yeah…As long as I am making myself understood, that is what counts right?

For those who are familiar with the first book The Dentist and the Toothfairy, you may remember this character at the end of the story named Lila. She was the last and final illustration I drew for the book. In the end of the first book Lila left us readers on an exclamation and questionable mark…A wonder about her…And yes, we wanted to know more about this new character that was suddenly introduced, yet, suddenly gone. 

A classic cliffhanger.

Well there will be an answer to the whereabouts of this mystical Lila and this Blog will slowly show how this character will develop through Dorota’s writing. And as of me, I will be in charge of creating a visual of our new heroine and the characters involved in this new story. This part you will witness too.

Let me say this, a challenge is also arising that makes me a little nervous. In the first story the Dentist and the Toothfairy were based upon one of my painting. Therefore, the image I had of them has been already created. Of course there were additional characters that I had to create upon Dorota’s The Dentist and the Toothfairy book like… Crown, Mr Colgate etc…But now with Lila, it is like a reversal of the medal. Lila already exists in Dorota’s mind and I have to come up with her…Visually.

I do have a little idea of what Lila will look like, she has been in my thinking camp for a few years since Dorota told me once that Lila will continue to exist and be the main character of her new story.

…And I can promise you that…

Lila will deliver this same craftsmanship as The Dentist and the Toothfairy, only with a twist. This is my surprise to you and she will look just as sexy as Dorota cleavage….Shit did I write this out loud?

The making of The Dentist and the Toothfairy book was intense and highly detailed (imagery wise) AND if you keep reading our Blog you will soon discover the faith of the book as far as the art is concerned. I have plenty of ideas that are already set in my mind, now the tic-tac-tic-tac sound awaits me with the script!

More to come…

Ah and yeah, this blog is not just based on work, but it is based on a fun and inventive, collaborative of two artists.

Dorota and me.

Then, all you need to do is to witness it and keep reading!


PS: Dorota, I do have the picture of the cleavage you spoke about but this blog won’t let me upload it…Want it to post? I must be missing an application- insert pics- thiggy button in my program… Am i blind? Am i missing it? Am i not seeing it? Do i need glasses? Contact lenses? A magnifying glass? Should I call my neighbor? The police? Some hippies with higher knowledge? 5 years old kids that are more cybered than me? Do i have to blow of sleep with the computer?  HELP! :-)))