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Re-count (Collages)

September 16, 2010

So i was right on the dot. There are 2 more collages in mint condition at my mom’s house. Two larger ones. Making a total of 4!

I cannot quite remember how many you had, but i remember that one sold in Montreal during our Exposed show. Does this count make 5 pieces? If there were more, i could look deeper in the gazillion closets and storage spaces my mom has and try to find more:-) But i think this may be the correct count.

I am going back to Trois-Rivieres this week-end to an an all artist party-gathering saturday night. On sunday, i will visit my mom and i can take pictures of them. Remember that i am not the best photographer but will try my best. Once i am back in Montreal, i will send them to you and also take pics of the two i have here at my house.

Yeah, i really am between two cities these days, always something…Never stops.

These pictures on this post are unrelevant to your work but just wanted to share my pride and happiness on a new photoset that Listo films Montreal is doing for me about one of my lamps i finished designing last winter. This lamp is called -LOGAN- an LED reading table lamp fully articulated. Inspired by the 70’s film Logan’s run.

I asked my sister Josee to be the model for this lamp. the pics are turning great! Still in the works but more are coming!

Cheers, Jerome

PS: LOVE you too georgous babe!

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  1. October 7, 2010 12:29 pm

    LOVE those pics:)

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