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Pity party…Nahhh.

September 7, 2010


Oh yeah, i know what you mean about a mental blockage in whatever forms of any creation. We all encounter them form time to time. But hey, it eventulally goes away and in no time there will be that spark that will trigger your brain and i promise you that even your shadow will have a hard time following you. It can be a day, a week, a month, whatever it takes. Remember that Lila’s last pages are the most important ones, give her justice man! Don’t rush things and get the best last bit of her story! You are one of the most determined, stubborn and ambicious woman i know and i can’t see you going like this forever! If you do, i’ll take a GodDamn plane to you and give you a spanking you won’t forget:-)

Actually i think i am wrong with my calculation of your collage that perished in the fire. I have 2 here, the one with the original dentist hand holding the ring box with lots of blue skies and green foliage (which need a little touch up that i will repair like new), and a little one with the dentist face sideways with Lila’s booth below.

 BUT i think my mother has other ones stored at her house. Because after the fire, things got so crazy and so quickly that she took a lot of art from the debris and i think that some more may have survived. The chances are high, because all of your collages were tightly wrapped in the far back of my studio where the fire did not get to, only water and heavy smoke damage but that only made it on the wrapping, the content should be intact. I am going to visit her this wekk-end and i will check.

Other news, i took the whole month of August off from the arts, the whole month of July was dedictated to the preparations of the North Hollywood show, which has now been postponed to October 2nd to another gallery space still curated by Cella Gallery but in a new concept of Satellites shows. I will give you more details later on.

In addition, i collaborated with Marie-Josee Roy once more on some pieces for a December show in New-York at EA gallery and also for Montreal  at Galerie Le Royer. Soooo, yeah, uncle Jerome needed a little break….But now ready for some more, nice to take a break but i feel a but art-trigger happy. So bring Lila in, whenever she is ready let’s give her life!

But the art-break was fun too! Bruce is applying to be a REF for the next Rollerderby season in Montreal, the man has never QuadSkate his entire life. So i thought…Oh my, he will break both his legs…So i got a pair of Quadskates too and i have been going with him to practice. Another one of my little kept athletic secrets is that i used to be a freestyle champion (yes with many medals…) QuadSkates in my young days from 1980 to 1987. So i have a baggage of skating tricks that i have been teaching him the best i can…i am not a very eloquent teacher…He says…. But at least he gets to watch my moves.

It was very strange to get back on QuadSkates after soooo many years, but it is pretty much like riding a bycicle…only i am now 40. My pirouettes and jazzy moves are a little rusty but we are having a blast getting them back and i am amazed how fast it is coming bck to me:-)

Thanks for looking into the Dentist and the Toothfairy high res pics for me, whenever you get a chance, send them my way, my website is currently being entirely re-done.

Yeah it’s funny, i just realized that we have not posted in a while. Guess this blog is a a surprise everytime from two very busy people…but the best thing is that they ever gonna get the best out of us when our shit (writting and arts) gets to them!

Hee hee

Cheers, Jerome

PS: Keep going at it! You are a writer:-)

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  1. September 7, 2010 5:14 pm

    I love you Jerome. I really mean it. I would have never thought our partnership would flourish into such a great friendship. Will write more later (of course). As you say: I am a writer:) xoxoxoxoxoxo, D:)

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