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Gosh…What a couple of weeks

May 12, 2010

Sorry readers, i have been out of the loop for the past weeks because… 

A- I had a collaborative piece that i worked on with artist Marie-Josee Roy for a a show at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters. The opening night was last wednesday and it went very well. Our piece sold too!

B- I worked on the Oldbury band new album cover as well as re-working their logo. It was so much fun to do. One thing i love about this band is that we have such a great understanding and laid back collaboration. No fuss, no art snobism… Just plain creation. I dig their style (and music too!) and they come up with ideas that i draw that are very much along my drawing board and ideologies. So we rock and jive. Love working with them!

C- Also finished creating some 3D art (chandeliers and lamps) And getting ready for a photoshoot of them.

D- Slowly working on new pieces for a group show in Montreal for July. I am doing watercolor…WTF can you believe it?… WATERCOLOR…!!!!! Yeah but they will be -a la Jerome-…New techniques… So far looking very nice with good ol’ Jerome twisted stuff. Nothing better then a dead body with machines in watercolor…Dunno… it give some zest:-)

And E- But not the least- Getting Lila created! Which is getting there!

About the progresses of Lila, Rissa introduced me to Sara, a friend of hers. Rissa sent me some shots of Sara a little while back and since i have been looking at those pictures and started to mold Lila around her. At first Rissa told me that Sara is a little older than what Lila would be i real (written) life, so i waited for the pics.

To give you readers a little bit of the backgroung of such difficult casting, some of the girls that Rissa told me about and sent me pics of would have been perfect for the look of Lila (goth style with the whole make-up dark feature, severe expression, dramatic etc) But when i turned around and started to think about my artistic approaches and techniques i am planning on creating Lila, i realized that my challenge was not there entirely. These girls sure are knock outs and georgous but they are pretty much done… Meaning that i do not have a lot of room to create. Girls, you are beautiful, why would i want to re-create you?

Sara is different in a good way, in all honestly i was not sure at first but then the more i look at her pics, the more ideas i received, she challenges me in a creative sense. First, Rissa wrote me saying that Sara has blond hair, respecting Lila’s futur look i would of thought NO and i would have said- i need darker hair, flat and ironed-. Funny how hair can be important even it’s color! 

But then i realized that if i were to draw upon her , blond Hair works at my advantage to create a much more elaborate drawn hairstyle, with blond hair i could draw filligrees upon each strand of hair with lots of details. Just to imagine how much i could do darkening up her hair with details gives me goosbumps. I think that this what i needed. To open my mind and work upon someone to create a character versus enhancing someome too close to the character. Lila should be artistic and inventive. Sara, somehow gived me more options to experiment. Hard to explain right now in this ealry of a stage but i guess i needed a model that i would leave me more room to create. Sara gives me this so far. And i feel more comfortable to go crazy on her face and body because Sara gives me more room.

 And she has a face of an angel, great features that i can definately work upon, flexible, and a great smile.

The best is someone said to me once…When somebody smiles so well, their dramatic expression”s switch can be just as drastic and surprising (translating a french quote here…) Meaning, that someone that can have such a happy expression can do the opposite in a flash versus someone that has sad expresssion and try to smile (do i make sense?)

Next is to get Sara’s pics transferred onto canvas (once Rissa does the shoot), i have 2 contacts in the city that can do an awesome job. I think i will illustrate the Lila book onto canvas like it was was a painting with photographic transfer… I feel comfortable with the medium so why not?

So yeah, this is where i am so far.

My dear and beloved Dorota…Glad you are out of the writer’s block! Call me this week-end, or i will call you, would love to know Lila’s wereabouts (ah and yes gossiping about stuff too)

Rissa-I tried to phone you between a thousand things but your phone answering system has not been set up yet. Mind you… Your husband is staying with us for the next few days, i am sure to talk to you then!

Sara- Looking foward to this futur collaboration! Muse!


Oh and lastly here’s a pic unrealted to Lila but a fun one, it was taken a friend of ours first vernissage last week (Shannon Myers), Thought that i would put her on the spot, great photographer and a bright futur ahead!

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  1. May 13, 2010 4:47 am

    Jerome, You are way too kind! You made me blush!!! Like I said in the email, any photos I have you may use. Here’s my public declared release…lol.

    I look forward to working with Dorota and You, I am very Happy to do this.
    I am Glad that you love the fact that I am really Unknown. I am sooo not a model!
    Rissa i think enjoys that fact as all she has to do is say what she wants from me and I try to do it just like she wants.. She is truly Great.. I consider her one of my best friends.

    Anyways.. Have a Brilliant Lovely Day!


  2. May 27, 2010 5:49 am

    Haha am I literally the first reply to this great article!

  3. May 31, 2010 8:52 am

    If only I had a dime for every time I came here.. Amazing article.

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